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Luna Her-story

It is time for the next
Pages must be turned
Books must be burned
We shall erase their past and make time start now
For his-tory glory caused a frown upon my brow
It was all too much for me
It was all like real TV
I was overwhelmed and swamped like an in box
An innocent woman stoned by rocks
Tumblin', tumblin' breadfruit dropping out of trees unseen with ease and green gleam

Lower spectrum introduce purples, blues, and greens again
Don't you really remember when
Mamma said - eat yo' greens, eat yo' greens
Reflect on those words and tell me how it seems

She knew more then she spoke
Birthed mad thinkers den then ill logic broke

Broke and broke da back out
Stoked and smoked da black out
And no one realized what beast was unleashed upon the land
Stipulation and manipulation walkin' hand in hand
The logic of language then became grand
Convoluted and compromised
Through bloody, bruised and blackened eyes
The black like night looked up into its namesake
Made the space-scape of words come awake

Lifted the level like a lyrical Lazarus
Slip da slick grip we deny dat time has on us
Spilling through space like sugar
We are the sweetest of stars
We stay redder den mars
Giants like Jupiter, dust in lunar winds
Burning up all throughout our travels
Bringin' fear to the atmosphere
Subway to Venus, y'all move it to da rear

And still I can't get excited
Landing on different planetary joints
The ones now discovered
And you goan tell me dat your shit uncovered

Prepare for the worst

For I am like the enemy in da lyrical arms race
Call me da Black Russian - I made it first to space
And den got celestial
Frightened for da style is quick fast see?
Dark speech move like dat so you don't see what happen,
Travellin' at da speed of light, dat's why we call it rappin'

Her-story is da one to listen to
She brought all of us here to do here what we do
I have always loved her
Call her da moon, but really, she's da sun
So I call my brother son 'cause he shine like one
As we should all be
Inside the Milky Way womb that we all call


Did it for us all
Her-story was light and her tales weren't tall
But we let her take the fall
It's time to bring her back and set her high beyond sight
And that she's da comfort in da blackness of da night
And let his-tory cascade like Lucifer

For he just

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Lost - so I travel backwards

Looking forward to reflect on binges and beings past
Moving quickly through snapshots and silence
Each image was still beat of a blackening heart

I - I - I - once read a thought
I - I - I - once read a thought

The thought was about me

I once read a thought and the thought was about me
I once read a thought and the thought was about me

I once read a thought that I thought I owned
And once said, I spoke it to the world
Chilly and chilled like a prophecy fufilled
Like a foolish head full of liquor
Like a shitty poet looking to use




Absurds me
Grammatical rule herds me
The sour milk monster curds me
I am left lumpy and infected
Sorry like a really bad excuse
Waiting to bust - waiting to burst
No good metaphors
Silly similes
Blowjob blackened knees
For I've been suckin'
Yeah suckin' white marrow from da bloody bastard boner of the ilk dat keeps da fly in da buttermilk a loner

Switchin' my scheme
Like Martin Luther King Jr. truth proofer gotta dream
I split a new lyrical seam
Same way I slice head halfs
The pen is my Samurai blade
Clever quick cuts leaving pounds of paper flayed
My thoughts are hot rocks
They came to me through time and space
Unmeasurable distances
But they are ancient - old and forever
Passing through a million worlds undiscovered
Through atmospheres where satellites hovered
Entities of diction denying description speak

To me
And through me
Kickin' codes like cryptic fiction

Shh shh shh shh …

Don't worry don't worry
I - I - I know it all sounds crazy but it's like the jaunt

You gotta let go - you just gotta let go
Forget about what you think you know
Is linear
For lean is merely a perception same as mental incorrection
The jaunt will jerk the body through time just fine
Once you shut off the bliss faucet
Because earth thought are too motherfuckin' holocaustic
Please do indulge investigate my plausible solutions
Thismosphere and thatmosphere are atmosphere pollutions
Of the airspace betwixt your audio receptors
The fibre hairs have dry hands
Smashing ripples riding thermals to your heart
I will bring heat to your heart
Heat heat searing melting
I am pouring metal
Dials are going crazy
You chest is a table
I am pouring bronze
Such expensive ribs - what a lovely sternum
Your innards are the universe
I am but a silver pinball bouncing amongst your stars
Silver - now I'm pouring silver
Filling up the universe
Forming a shape for your precious black hole
China crisis - meltdown immanent
Homer Simpson at the control
My ship and my shit is comin' apart
But bronze and silver made a mould for your heart

There's a fire in da hole!
There's a fire in da hole!
I'm da fire in da hole
And I'm goin' for da gold!
And I'm goin' in!
And I'm goin' down!
Pourin' gold into your soul with a skin shade of brown!

And I don't know what I am anymore
But I've given you all that I am

Drip by drip by drop



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And On

Dangerous thinking
Dangerous thoughts
Belonging to those waylaid by a heavy heart
And every weight is different
Some by time and some by the tonne
While da cultural mosaic got da man on da run - living in fear -
And when we do so - we are all slaves
Masta Blasta makin' fasta societal slaves

And truth - sweet truth
It is all there is -
And everywhere
It's deep in da belly of a black honey bear
The errant pattern of dandelion blossoms
They fly like the mad paths of living
Swollen diapers bloating like the bottom of a rich, fat man
While a weak willed man can only think 'I think I can'

Climb a ladder backwards and visit forbidden kingdoms
Make mace your spice of life
Find inspiration and creation in strife
Babies are shakin' their heads in agreeance…

We believe!
We believe!

That the answers we seek reside in fluorescent orbs of light
That's the reason moths only take to flight at night
Black bulging eyeballs and powdery wings
And den when night falls they show da knowledge of these things

Reconfigure and manifest
Reconsider and then molest
Oh I wanted to touch you so badly in that public place
And I know you would have let me, but we


You made my body.


So I put my arm around your chair instead of you
And caressed the wood like a lover should
And for a second - I was one with you and nature alike
I am trying to put all of these impulsed fractions together
This jumble dat I bumble, I dropped a perfect puzzle
I am no longer coherent and complete like the ceiling of da Sistine chapel -
A mural composed of interrelated shapes

No - no - no -

Through all my efforts I have composed but a thesis dat resembles reece's pieces
Shattered stained glass
Cutting through my fingers
Slicing through my ass
My skeletons are skittles like colourful little bugs
Dropped to da floor and swept under rugs

My mind is hidden!

I gotta find it - I gotta find it -
Them - us - you - they -
They are twisting me, twisting me
Stretching me up and down like a physical polygraph
Tell da truth! Tell da truth!
I swear - I swear - I have no knowledge of baptismal concepts!
Liar! Blasphemer!
No! No! I have told you all I know!
No! Not true!
Them tell us the facts!

These are them in no particular order…

It began with the last note in the opera - tundra - permafrost - geological terms - frozen
ice worms
The Asian persuasion made me cruise through kung-fu coats like cigarettes
I swallowed salt to be closer to the wife of Lot - he just left her standing there - solid -
and I found her to be more stable than me -
But nothing happened - really - nothing happened, because… because…

I thought of dead puppies - yes! I thought of dead puppies
To cure my erection and twitch hip inflection
We were struck with a big stick
We blew apart into dust
She and my skin made a salt and pepper grey
The terrycloth cap - I thought it was a halo

The light bright blackness of temptation make my day go

Quicker / like / time / like / water / like / poison / like / words / like / danger /like / thought
And when my heart did stop -

I kept on thinking.

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Now I think I can feel it
Like a big swig wheel it
Goin' straight to my head like true knowledge
Droppin' heavy like hardcore
Life got more in store
Like store houses
Den hot thought arouses
So arise!

And realize your infinite worth
As I have beheld the positive birth of negative suns
Intercede; interrupt my deepest, darkest visions
Mental worlds collide for they are destined for collisions

De way dey swing and sway about da INNERVERSE like mad, mad meteors

Smashing silence
Embracing violence
For it's all about power
Acid voodoo rain I bring da pain sun shower
I am a new budding flower

So best just keep away 'cause this hour's mine
Now sit back and listen while I rock da killah rhyme
Oh I see - afraid of da rhyme scheme
Dat's because you cannot dream
You are old and not forever
One year experience times whatever don't make you clever

But I have the quick cuts
And the open sores that sing a symphony of suffering
And blood - my liquid life
I see it spill in video games and the white ikea couch

Ouch, ouch, ouch!

I've been pinpricked by a needle
A colic alcoholic don't fall down I be a weeble
I shudder back and forth
So I look for a mirror
I need reassurance
Gotta purchase some insurance
So I look at him and he looks back at him and says

Yuh trippin' yuh speedin' yuh speedin' yuh trippin'
Inside yo soul barrel I'm a dunkin' and a dippin'
I'm comin' up with prizes, I'm comin' up with gumption
Movin' through da junction of da fly high function

Shit -

You can't stop me - or rock me
I am my own mooring
Not like a rock - just am
Maybe a mutant by your standards
But your genes suffer losses
And I can express
Like when Magneto tosses Collosus

I crush metal
I bend bricks
I drink mercury
My sight is x-ray
I bring da dawn of a new darker day
But I am all da silver dat lines
Speakin' like an epideral
Slammin' up in spines

I'll make you numb, I'll make you numb
And den I'll take care of you
And love you like a lover
Over yo cliff o' dover, baby I'm a hover

And stroke your face
And feel in love
While candles become volcanoes
And the damned push up daisies
My favourite fucking flower
Watching da slow dance of bladed grass

Here come the vultures
Call me carrion
Let me feed the earth
Then I'll reside in the flight and night birth

And - I - Will - Soar

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