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Spoken Word & Poetry

Shiloh [new!]   "Banquet", "Dissolution", "Dream Junkie", "untitled"
jenn-girl [new!]   "Murder", "Ash", "Tired"
Thomas Kellar   "Primer Gray", "Stress", "Train Wreck" and others
Chloe Ryan   "Living Portrait", "For Myself", and others
wakefiled w.o. brewster   "Luna Her-story", "Flight", and others
Melanie   "Visiting Day" (new), Daddy", "your dick", and others
Gina   "component parts", "Slut", "Girl"
Nightfall   "MEMORIES", "The Tripidia Years", "DREAMS (RECURRING)"
The "Rex" Files   "Spoken Word & Poetry- 1992-1997"

Fiction, Essay, Diatribe

Trenton Light   Managua Journal 4/99
Vern Smith   Novel Excerpt: "Glue for Breakfast"
Rex   basTard: Dystopic Visions for the Mentally Malformed (A Journal of Sorts)
Rex   Rant: "Violations"

Mixed Mediums

Julie Kirk   "Dancer", "Raphael", "Lucifer", and more
April Showers   "Falcon", "Tribute to Dali"

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