"he's max, i'm..."

Words for Maxwell

How much can be said
for a friend, sight unseen?
I didn't know his eyes
or smile or laugh
his favorite drink
or brand of smoke.
The connections made
in this brave new world;
the friendships,
romances and rivalries
exist on a different plane
than where we grew up.
We float on words and thoughts
the mind's vision honed
to a razor's edge.
Words that cut through
the fantasy
and the reality
and exist between
where we are
and where we'd like to be.
I know Max
as well as I know anyone else.
I know his warmth and humor
as well as his civility
and wickedness
as genuinely as the place
i sit now, and those around me.
What can I say?
That you do not already know,
If you know Max.

Existing here and now,
we cannot know where we may go.
Whether we simply return to the earth,
from where we began and begin again
or slide from our skin to soar
the unfathomable ecstasy
of life and the universe.
We will surely find out.

None of that matters.
As long as we understand
that the measure of a man
is not his accomplishments,
status or wealth.
But with what he leaves with us.

Whenever I ran into Maxwell
a smile grew on my face.
The words we exchanged
were always warm, intelligent
and passionate. He stood up
for his beliefs, defended those
who needed his assistance
and could not help but to crack a joke.

I think of Max
and I smile.
This is what he left me here.
And if this is a measure of a man,
Maxwell walked amongst the best.