When was it that I first realzed
how much I loved you?
It was at first, on first sight, it was.
You were the lovliest woman I
had ever seen. It was the first kiss,
that wonderful kiss, on the stairs,
before we took each other, at the top.
It was watching you watch me, wondering,
who the hell I was while I lay next to you
wondering the same. It was the day I came
home, and found the pregnancy test in the garbage
and asked what you wanted, which ws the same
that I did. It was the marriage proposal, in the
Denny's parking lot, infuriating you were, asking me back.
It was the birth of our first daughter. It was how you glowed
when you fed her. It was the smell of your skin, the smile in
your eyes and how when shy, stood one foot turned on the other.
Many a milestone to be sure.
But perhaps,
it was truly when,
I had in my arms,
a love,
from before us,
and when the
instead of acting,
off to sleep
dreaming of you.