We sit out on my porch
one story above the road and grass
you are in my arms
as you often are
when you are here with me

We watch the darkened clouds roll towards us
over the foothills in the distance
the air growing electric and thick
with flashes of light and rumbling from the sky
the storm nearly upon us

You tell me how he had hurt you
this time, almost using his hands
as well as his words
i pull you tighter against me
feeling your tears on my naked chest
as the black sheets of rain
advance on the hapless earth before us

The rain stings as it hits
as does the pain you are feeling
you tell me all of it
and as your breath hitches
and the thunder explodes
i kiss the top of your head
and gently stroke your hair

Soon, your tears slow
while i talk to and comfort you
the rain becomes steady
the rhythmic flashes of lightning
and groans of thunder
completing the timpani

"What would i do without you?"
you ask me as always
and as always i reply
"i am here for you, i love you."
you turn your face up to mine
and gently kiss my lips

"Make love to me" you whisper
with your eyes and then your voice
gently breathing in my ear
cupping my chin with your palm
your nails lightly brushing my neck

i take you in my arms
as we leave the rain outside
and carry you to the dry warmth of my bed
we roll and tumble
creating lightning thunder

We sleep in each others arms
lulled by the rain and wind against my window
and our scents hanging in the air
your head is on my chest as it often is
when you are here with me

You shower
as i light a cigarette
laying in my bed
tracing the wet warmth
left on my sheets
with the fingers of my free hand

I hear you from the shower
the water erasing all the evidence
replaced with a new confidence in your voice
as you say with a giggle
"He would shit if he knew"

You emerge in my burgundy towel
your pinkish-white breasts pushed up
by the taughtness of the wrap
your body and face aglow
and ask to use my phone

i do not listen to your conversation
but can hear your voice
floating in my head
as i grind my cigarette in the ashtray
and make wide gray swirls in the bowl

You tell me your plans of the evening
as you roll your stockings up your thighs
asking me to fasten your garters
while i sit on my couch
watching the late afternoon sun trying
to make a final appearance after
being subverted for so long

You will have dinner and go dancing
and probably wind up at his place
and you ask what i have planned
i shrug my shoulders
lighting another cigarette
and say "Something always comes up"

You smile and tell me you love me
taking your bag and your coat
as you bound out the door
healed and renewed again
i hear your car rolling against the wet pavement
off into the distance

The stillness of the late evening air
and the rich smell of ozone
draw me back out to my porch
with my cigarettes
and a six pack of beer

and what will i do?

i will sit and watch the sun set
over the glistening earth
and wait patiently
the hours and days
until you need me again
and i can again feel your storm
roll through my heart
and our thunder
shake my soul

©1993 C Rex