pretty half-naked white girls

pretty half-naked white girls
cross the Amoco parking lot
before my car in the dim of the night
skinny pale legs jutting from beneath
a black skin licking mini cut low crotch
I know there is an ass in there somewhere
tiny little tits dropping slightly peeking
from beneath a white halter, nipples hard
as sapphires guiding her way, beacons in mist

I haven't even noticed her girlfriend
in enough detail Other than to make than this mention

they walk before my headlights
azure threads of veins webbing her arms
undernourished and over exposed

I take time to pack, open and light my cigarette
so I can roll past and gawk once more
turning out into the blackened street
dark gray haze blocking the waning full moon

I drag deeply and listen to my gears jumble
and think that I've never had a white girl
I've had all colors and flavors
sweet dark chocolates, like bread and earth
fiery Tuscany’s, like woman unbound
spicy Guatemalan, hot and sumptuous
rich olive southeast Asian, deep, slow and yielding
but I've never had "white"

I ponder the quandary and wonder
if she tastes
like me.