morning sun

we are ugly laying in the morning light
the magic of last night's darkness
now just dried alcohol and sex sweat.
i can see the dark circles beneath your eyes
sitting naked before me, knees bent, legs spread
your tangled hair falling to your lips

my left hand joined with your right
we watch each others eyes as the ashes fall
from my lips to my chest, your eyes ask
the same i do.

we were beautiful last night, dressed and primed
dancing and elegant, smart and witty, stealing
flesh beneath the table and in the crowds
we closed the club, drove to my place, lit candles
and incense, undressed before the flames
made love on top of the sheets.

we wake beneath each other, tangled, tired, hung over.
in the morning light we are just naked and ugly.
we are ourselves and we are unsure.
such an honest beauty grows from the morning sun.
i may just love you.