Metro North to Katonah Station

Trite as it is
to write about trains...

the scenery
blurring by
the people packed in
so close
some you can't stand
others; well...

this shmuck sleeping next to me is about to fall
over onto my keyboard.

yet it is easier to remove myself to the outside
especially after we clear the city
where it becomes green
for the most part

occasionally another train
comes exploding past
from the other direction
as it is with my life.

(i cannot help but to feel
and perhaps this is my problem)

the train really doesn't move that fast
or so it seems until you watch the ground.

so goes my life

and so goes the tracks
splitting, shooting
a thousand possibilities.

what i want
what i need
what i feel
what does it matter?

there is always a destination.

the problem here
now as i sit
typing on my way
to Katonah

is that i know where i am heading
and where i am getting off.

my ticket tells me so.

if only the rest were so easy.