The magic of your mind
lights lips burning brightly
at the edge of my tongue
as I lick the wet fire
and swallow heat and smoke
billowing from my eyes.
Dropping paper slices
carelessly from my
reddened hands
the wooden floor
knowing not what to do
other than arrange your words
to their own whims
as I roll over
and drink the milk white
and rose of your breasts
sliding deeply with purpose
into your soft flaming chasms.
Each hot pink fold that gives way
brings me closer to the essence
of this woman beneath me,
Who scorifies my heart
and sweats my soul
blowtorch (your words)
driving me further inwards
hearing your screams rise
sharing pleasure and release
knowing I can only be satiated
as we explode
backs arched, collapsing, rolling,
searing my lips to your flesh.
I can taste the fiery saltwater
of your spirit from your quaking form.

Combustible, we are.
Let the wind away our smoke and ashes
and your words forge steel
in others.