so fucked in the head
we all ought to be dead

we have no right
no right
to dance and smile

no right to love
and dream all the while

no future
other than what we see here

no desires
other than to be near

so tell me then
how'd I wake in your bed?

despite the ephedrine, alcohol and dope
what was going through your head?

chance encounters
in a world of fate
it is much better to love
than it is to hate

I love your mind
you like my words
we have compatible lips, we found
after drawing you towards

light breaks through
the early window din
neither of us want to know
where the other has been

you want to know
where will I go
what will I do
when I have the time

I answer
I haven't a clue
I'd just like to write
one lousy poem with rhyme.

Like everything else,
it was never meant to be.