Fathers Day 93

from my father's
office wall
is a plaque
of wood
with large letters
engraved in brass.
It reads:

"No One
Ever Said
It Was Going
To Be Easy"

If ever
there were a Mantra
that one could
subscribe to on a
constant basis.
It would be this.

i too am a father.
Of three precious
young girls.
He of two boys.

His first child
now has children.
It is inevitable
to want to measure
to him.

When you have experienced
the love i have
from both parents
it is hard to tell
whom influenced what.

Of my father though,
i can be sure
i have learned
and sterness.

a nasty sense of humor

and an undying love
for my children.

We travel very different paths.
i am not sure if i am stronger
or weaker in this sense.
Or if it even matters.

i have developed my father's
and resolve
although perhaps,
i express it in other
ways than he.

What i have learned
is this:
You do what you have to.
Naps are good.
Children are to be seen
and heard, but not for too long.
is unconditional.