Believing in us

I have no faith in retribution
i have no heart within which to believe
I find myself in the painted mirror
having no eyes with which to see

trust only in the subconcious
splitting entrails and creeping grime
walking passion and poisoned fires
Love's smoke digs tunnels to the sublime

i watch the rainwater as it spills from your lips
blood-soaked tears snaking over your bare flesh
horrific screams from your silent mouth
as you crumple, falling within yourself
broken, beaten, bruised, battered, bridesmaid
married to your notion of truth, divorcing breath
and will, to swallow the elemental assault
submitting wholly, broken, beaten, brusied, battered
bare and yielding, reaching, crying, pulling within


our fingers touch lightly,
soft friction causing blisters and pain
Death of Belief becomes us love
Place your soul within mine and together
we will stagger home blindly through the torrential rain.