athens county

a few mornings later
your scent has left my fingers
I wake, you are swimming in my head
a hundred miles away
where I know myself
the only place I have.

The seduction of a land
and a sweetness in the air
rolling hills and deep valleys
a uniquity, an abberation
the energy that excites and
scares me to no end.
an explosive peace
a calming avalanche
of thoughts and emotion
wave after wave slam through me
in the soft warm morning heat
licking my skin, raising my hairs
loving me tenderly while pinning
me down with such passionate force
that I will freely submit.

I silently listen to the whirs and chirps
of the birds hidden in the thick forest
the wind, sloping through wide leaves
and decades old trees.

I am inextricably drawn here
as I am to you.

When I am here
the magic lust of life
fills me
I can breathe, think, feel
realize myself.

Athens County
my lover,
for over eleven years.

Perhaps my only true love

when your wet lips
are upon mine
we are here