these children that you shit on
running through the streets
and across the greens
picking up specialties
pointing out the obvious
that everyone else ignores
or is too busy with life
to do anything about
learning the realities
and the not so obvious
thinking that it's always the worst
and it's always insidious
and all to often
finding out they are right
that carry christ's teachings
even though they refuse
to believe in religion itself
that point out the commonality
across ALL beliefs
and similarly
point out the commonality
of no one practising
what they preach

these children that you shit on
challenging the structures
believing in reparations
knowing there is no such thing
as justice or peace
which only makes them fight even harder
to break through the hypocrisy
to force an acknowledgment
of what is right and what is wrong
who are energized by the futility
and pull back the anger
to push forward the righteousness
undertsanding that the middle classes
only exist to keep the poor, the majority
from massacreing the rich
and making the point
that a middle class
is just an anomaly
to begin with
compared with the destitution
of the majority of people
living in this world these children that you shit on
that want clean water
that want grains and seeds
that want medicines and profalactics
that demand that education
and freedom from persecution
and life liberty and pursuit of happiness
all to be the rights of being a citizen of earth
and not a commodity for the multinationals
or just a political agenda
to achieve the ends
of a very select few
to open up the minds and hearts
and bring about a universal truth
regardless of how many differing views
there are to meet that path
and that one truth
to just to be able to
go to sleep at night
and wake without want of food
or freedom
because these are the inalienable rights
of every person of any color, any religion
any sex, any height, anyone and everyone
to live peacefully and be able
to take care of their own
andwhen everyone can take care of their own
there become no need for strife or justice
or nail bombs or RPG's
hacking off limbs
planes crashing into skyscrapers
children dehydrating in a field

the answer is

you see
these children that you shit on
are children
no more.

Rex 2003