when I was very young
what little I can remember
is looking to the night sky
in awe at the stars and moon.
Orion was my favorite constellation.
Orion, the warrior...
Standing nearly alone, flanked
by smaller, less omnipotent stars
and patterns.
I likened myself to Orion:
Stoic stance
wide belt of authority
the warrior who stands
bravely and unfazed
at the happenings in the cosmos
around him.
I would away myself to Orion
and look back down at the earth
smiling and powerful.
The horrors of my world
reduced to a meaningless speck.
Death, had no meaning.
I got older, as we all do.
I learned that nothing is
at it should be
or as we are told.
I made my stand as I had to.
Yet, life weakens the knees
and beats down the constitution
that you have built through your youth.
I watched helplessly as those around me fell
to circumstance and event.
I too fell and continued falling.
Lulled into a sleep
through confusion and disillusion.
I slept, but never dreamed.
And my descent continued.
One day I awoke
after slamming into the ground.
There I lay, asking, wondering,
As I rolled over onto the cold
night pavement, I thought to look up.
after all these years
I again found the night skies.
But Orion was no where to be seen.

The other morning
I awoke again.
the essence of warmth
and a gentle smell beneath me,
rubbing the sleep from my soul,
I found you within my arms.
I looked down at your soft
delicate body, entwined with mine,
our rythmic breathing
and your hair fallen about the pillow.
I smiled and looked out the morning
window, the sun hidden by houses
and clouds.
Orion, the Warrior, may yet
be standing his ground
sight unseen.
But here,
with your warm breath
against my chest,
once again,
all things are possible